Why a Plumber May Be a Great Career Choice

It is no news that the number of skilled tradespeople in the U.S. is relative. Consequently, it has become imperative to have more tradespeople like career plumbers. There are several benefits of choosing plumbing as a career path, some of which are briefly highlighted below.

Job Stability

The need for plumbers can be likened to the need for doctors, as everyone everywhere will definitely need their services at one point. Therefore, being a career plumber offers a level of job security and a steady income stream, particularly for good plumbers.

Less student loan debt

Choosing a trade such as plumbing goes a long way in reducing your debt burden particularly as the cost of attending vocational school or a community college is significantly less. This is great, considering the increasing figures of student loan debt. It gets even better with plumbing, as you can immediately enter an apprenticeship after vocational school, where you are paid while you learn.

Variety of Jobs

Being a career plumber does not mean you will only be doing house calls and fixing toilets. Plumbers work in practically all industries, helping to fix plumbing issues as well as designing plumbing systems for new structures, developing new plumbing technologies and the expansion of city/municipal water systems.

Basically, where there are people and water, there will always be a need for plumbers, creating almost endless opportunities.


Professional plumbers especially after setting up their own businesses have a certain level of independence in terms of where they want to work and when they choose to work. This is particularly great for persons with family obligations or those that want flexibility in location or schedule.

Advancement opportunities

Plumbing is a regulated and licensed trade, allowing career plumbers to work their way to the master level if they so desire. It is worth noting that master plumbers enjoy more job flexibility, higher salary, and more opportunities than many other professions.


Job satisfaction

Plumbers do not just fix your pipes and design water systems. They are actually lifesavers, as clean water cannot be delivered to you without their service. Plumbers also help you to get rid of waste water. Consequently, being a plumber gives you job satisfaction with the joy that you are saving lives directly or indirectly.

Personal benefits

The job of a plumber requires working your mind and body practically all the time. It involves problem analysis, solutions development, and handling day-to-day business transactions. The physical and mental requirements of the job help to keep you active and healthy.

No more plumbing bills

Once you learn and master the plumbing skills, you never have to pay for plumbing repairs any longer. While this might be one of the least important reasons to think about taking plumbing as a career, it might just be one of those factors to consider particularly if you are still doubtful of your choice.

The benefits of a plumbing career mentioned above are some of the reasons to take up plumbing as a career. Other reasons you might want to consider this career path is the respect you get as a plumber, and the opportunity to interact with different people as you carry out your duty.

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Is College Worth Your Time?

Should you go to college? Is college even worth it? Can I get a job without college? This has been a controversial topic in the recent years. We believe both answers are correct. There are many jobs that give you a better chance at landing a job if you have a degree. In contrast, many jobs are also looking past whether or not you have a degree, yet the skills they are looking for. Now don’t take this the wrong way, if you want to become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or teacher then of course college will be necessary. With technology advancing and new job opportunities on the rise, more and more companies are looking to hire people with a specific skill set.

So if you’re debating whether or not you should continue college, don’t expect to land a job right after you get your degree. With the direction of the world today, our advice is to work on your people skills and a specific skill set that will make you stand out from the crowd.